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Speakers' Bureau

Education, training and participation is one of the seven cooperative principles. CIPCO provides resources to educate the community on the benefits of electric cooperatives. CIPCO’s expert staff provides a number of resources, including speaking topics, for the benefits or our members and communities.

Benefits of Touchstone Energy

Co-op participation in Touchstone Energy brings national resources home for local use. Learn what benefits membership provides and how your cooperative can benefit from the membership. For more information, contact Kathe Breheny at or 515-323-3195.

Benefits of Utility-Scale Solar

CIPCO's addition of utility-scale solar adds to a diversified energy portfolio that is over 60 percent emission and carbon-free. Why choose utility scale over other options? What are the unique benefits of this system? For more information, contact Gary Slaby at or 319-734-4364.

CIPCO's Service Delivery Tools

CIPCO has developed a service delivery platform for Member Systems that helps provide a secure and productive technology environment. From telephony to e-mail, desktops to servers, CIPCO has the resources to implement and support the Member Systems’ technology needs. For more information, contact Paul Hofman at or 515-362-7684

Cooperative Business Model as it Relates to Patronage and Equity

For cooperatives, owner equity and patronage refunds are tried and true tools that create and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between the cooperative and its owners. Cooperative businesses require capital, and they generate capital in part through shared investments. To learn more about what makes a cooperative different, contact Andrew St. John at or 515-362-7645.

Cooperative Photography

Nothing tells a story like a photograph. Learn new insights on how best to tell your cooperative's story through eye-catching and vivid photography.  For more information, contact Kathe Breheny at or 515-323-3195.

Crisis Communications Planning

The thought of an organizational crisis that becomes a public event, brings fear to most companies. A well thought out, prepared crisis communications plan can level the playing field in a crisis.  For more information, contact Kathe Breheny at or 515-323-3195.

Designing Compensation Options

Creating a well-defined and competitive compensation plan enables the cooperative to attract and retain top talent. Gather insight and learn new techniques for developing a plan appropriate for your organization. For more information, contact Janel Cerwick at or 515-288-9110.

Infrastructure Planning Processes

Having a reliable and secure technology infrastructure is essential for any organization. Thoughtful and forward-looking planning enables the development of systems that meet current and future business needs. For more information, contact Paul Hofman at or 515-362-7684.

Social Media Tips and Tricks

Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn and more cover daily lives across the globe. Engage in the ever changing environment by learning how to position your cooperative front and center in the social media arena. For more information, contact Kathe Breheny at or 515 -323-3195.

What is MISO?

How is electricity transferred through the system? Who ensures the smooth transmission and coordinates the buying and selling of power. MISO provides countless services to the electric industry that benefits utilities across the board. For more information, contact Gary Slaby at or 319-734-4364.

Writing Job Descriptions and Interviewing Techniques

A clearly defined job description coupled with enhanced interviewing skills is essential for developing a world-class work force. Learn the process for writing comprehensive job descriptions and developing interview questions that will uncover a candidate’s readiness for the position and fit with your organization.  For more information, contact Janel Cerwick at or 515-288-9110.



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